AREA Technically

AREA is a treemap multi generator, that meants AREA gives you several ways to display lots of data entities.
Most of treemaps represent the entities in a non fix size. The traditional treemap applications are applied to represent a directory tree of an operating system. The size of the entities is relative to the size of the files and directories, so it makes really intuitive to detect the big ones. Colors are used to represent the kind of file.
AREA can be a quantum treemap or a non-quantum treemap. For further information, you can take a look at the article from Insitute for Advanced Computer Studies from the University of Maryland:
And also: Treemaps for space-constrained visualization of hierarchies, by Ben Shneiderman

Detail of area representation

Technically, AREA is a cgi-perl script that produces an XHTML and it uses an small AJAX script to get the database queries and XML for store representations.
AREA is made by Jaume Nualart (started february 06') with friendly and nice collaborations from: Nuria Verges, Anna Sala, Luka FrelihAbdul Pallares, Yves Degoyon
And the support and opinions from: Alex Hache, Alejandra Perez. AREA is part of the Memory Project

Features and Bugs